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The Start

GAP Digital actually started out as Gordon Audio Productions, back in May of 1980. At that time, the firm was doing Sound Reinforcement work, as well as studio sessions with bands. Working concerts in 40 states and Europe, there are many good memories.

Todd Busteed -1986
A year later, Todd Busteed began an association with the Moody Broadcasting Network that led to opportunities in the production community. One of our earliest ongoing clients was a toy designer who would have us dramatize comic strip ideas. Two inch analog, Four AM, Six pages of script, Eight hours turn-around, and 12 different super-hero voices.... ah, the good ol' days.

In 1990, we purchased our first Spectral digital workstation and changed the name of the company to GAP Digital. Within a month of taking delivery, we were so excited about the power of the new system that we were being contacted by other production facilities, referred to us by the factory. Soon after, Spectral made GAP Digital a dealer. We continued selling, training on, and installing workstations until the Fall of '98 when Spectral stopped production of all workstation products.

GAP Digital Studio in 1997

With the demise of Spectral, GAP Digital began a search for a replacement platform which ended with the purchase of our first Fairlight workstation. Fairlights' power and reliability has proven itself over and over again and we now use three Fairlight MFX along with a Medialink server. We have also installed ProTools systems in all three studios, and have Fairlight and ProTools available via MADI to the A Control Room. Our huge sound effect library has migrated to a Soundminer network which we have found to be extremely powerful.

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